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What Our Patients Have to Say
  • Nicole and the whole staff were so knowledgeable and fun to be around!
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    “Nicole was so knowledgeable about my injury and the best ways to rehab it at the clinic as well as at home. The whole staff was so hands on and made every session very productive and genuinely enjoyable. Would highly recommend!”

    Jack K

  • Courtney is the best in the Marina!
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    “I can't say enough nice things about BLAKE Physical Therapy in Marina del Rey. From the pleasant and helpful receptionists to the competent assistants, I looked forward to my hour of therapy every session. In particular, I was crazy about my therapist Courtney. She always started each visit with "How are you doing? Anything you want to/need to tell me?" And I did and I would. Then she would pattern the session to those particular concerns, but always making sure I got the full benefit of needed exercises. It's been several months since I successfully completed my physical therapy, and my ankles (both with tendinitis) and my knees (both with bilateral osteoarthritis) are still feeling great. The atmosphere was always pleasant...they decorate for all holidays...and there is validated parking!”


  • I highly recommend Greg!
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    “Highly recommend Blake Physical Therapy for recovery and resolve of your PT needs. I have been there twice and would go back. All the physical therapists there are kind and knowledgeable. They are the ones to choose. For example when a few of my family members and me, cousins-we all developed frozen shoulder around the same time, I alone had the best outcome because I alone received PT at Blake - they live out of town. I have full mobility restored to my shoulder. I truly give the credit to my physical therapy at Blake and their knowledge of what they are doing. Thanks to the kind staff always friendly and professional. Most recently my excellent physical therapist Greg, anyone there at Blake, they’re all on your team guiding you toward wellness.”

    Tara Z

  • Denise got me off my walker!
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    “Thanks to the experience and patience of Denise, I am recovering well from my hip replacement.”


  • Jeff Blake in my opinion is a miracle worker.
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    “Jeff Blake in my opinion is a miracle worker. I had a shoulder that mysteriously was getting stiffer and more painful. The pain got so bad I couldn't sleep at night. Had to wrap my arm around a pillow or hold it close to my chest to ease the pain. Lost so much range of motion I could barely lift it up to my chest. Forget over my head. Most of the time it was weak and throbbing. After MRIs, X-Rays, cortisone shots and pills, my orthopedist was basically stumped and recommended surgery to find the cause. Before going under the knife I suggested physical therapy and went to see Jeff. In one session Jeff rightly diagnosed me as having frozen shoulder and sent me to a shoulder specialist who confirmed Jeff's suspicions. By this time (August) my shoulder and arm were as described above and continuing to deteriorate. If you google the condition you will see that it is a very painful condition that can take years, get far worse than what I currently had, and took years to recover from, with an often range of motion never being normal. Even surgery is iffy for it. I held little hope of physical therapy working with so many people on the internet found their PT painful and useless. Why should my experience be any different, I feared. boy was I wrong. Jeff personally attended me. And I took the leap of faith and trusted him through the rigorous process. He truly has magic hands. I began seeing dramatic results. By October I had regain near normal range of motion and was nearly pain free. i sleep fine now, no extra pillows and can sleep on the injured shoulder not problem. He and the staff are extremely friendly and caring. As I type this I'm nearly done with my tenure (this first week of November) and expect to be completely normal and finished with therapy this month. Jeff literally gave me my life back. I highly recommend his services.”

    Beverly B.

  • Jeff Blake is a miracle worker!
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    “Jeff Blake is a miracle worker! He is an incredible diagnostician and knows exactly what needs to be done to fix any muscular or orthopedic problem. I first saw Jeff 5 years ago after suffering from 10 years of back pain. I had visited chiropractors and numerous ortho docs for years; none of whom could resolve my issues. With one treatment, I was out of pain and have remained pain free (with occasional treatments) for the last 5 years. Thanks to Jeff and his team of physical therapists, I also have full shoulder function and range - (2 dislocated shoulders and one frozen shoulder). His office staff are friendly, helpful and professional. They are always willing to work with me to make appointments that accommodate my schedule. Blake Physical Therapy is the ONLY place to go for effective treatment and quality service.”

    Eloise A.

  • The professionals at Blake PT are outstanding.
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    “The professionals at Blake PT are outstanding. I have rehabbed a shoulder injury here in the past and am currently seeing them to rebound from major ankle surgery. I was initially evaluated by Jeff and began working 3 times a week with Christine in early November. I have gone through all the phases from non-weight bearing, to crutches and boot, to brace and finally to walking without the aid of brace. Simply put, Christine is amazing. Her excellent knowledge, superior care and encouragement has been a big part of the recovery process. I am greeted by name when I walk in the door and the staff from the front office to the PT assistants are very caring and super helpful. Highly recommended.”

    JK M.

  • No one even ranks near Jeff in my opinion and I will refer him forever.
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    “Jeff Blake is a master physical therapist with great imagination, skills and drive that motivates and heals. If you want the best, he is it. Over my 57 years, i have been injured many times from motocross and other sports, requiring PT. No one even ranks near Jeff in my opinion and I will refer him forever while I continue to improve from his talents. I had a total knee replacement on 12/3/13 and had to have a second surgery in May 2014. I believe it is from the bad rehab / advice I received from the large PT group in Santa Monica that i used.. I am very certain that I would be healed if I had used Jeff Blake out of the gate. Instead, I am suffering and struggling 10 months later. Since a friend highly recommended him for my problems last month, Jeff Blake and I have been trying to break through the scar tissue that resides in my knee. It is a debilitating and depressing situation but Jeff has made a big difference so late in the game. I have hope again and a companion who is committed to my rehabilitation. I do not know what I would do without him.”

    Tim J.

  • Very nice team, I have had nothing but first class treatment.
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    “In or around December of 2013 I had a severe herniation in two of my discs in my back L4 & L5. The L5 herniation was measured at 8mm, that's very large in regards to back injuries. The pain was so bad that I had to go to the emergency room for an emergency epidural, it took weeks just to relax enough to be comfortable in any position. After time and when I was referred from a very prominent spine specialist that I'm cleared for Physical Therapy I was sent to Blake Physical Therapy. I called they have a fairly busy agenda, however they made it work. It didn't take long before I realized why they are popular. My first appointment I was very limited, I still walked around with a level 5 pain, I saw Krysta my first day. She was sweet, informative, and worked on me with caution. Gave me some movements that I could do and my healing could begin. The next 4 times I have seen Jeff who I found out later was Jeff Blake the Owner, and an understatement is AMAZING. Jeff explains your injury in such a crystal clear way that you actually can picture in your head what's exactly happening with your body. I started with a 5 pain that could shoot up to a 7 at times to a 0 pain that can shoot up to a 4 pain if I'm not careful and this is over 2 weeks. These guys are fabulous, I didn't think I could ever live a normal life again, and maybe this injury will never go away but he's making something drastic into manageable. I highly recommend Blake Physical Therapy as the treatment is what matters and these guys are smart. I will take smart over the fanciest Medical Facility in the world. If you want to understand precisely what's happening with your body after an injury this is where you go. Once you understand what's going on then they take an effective approach in treating you. Very nice team, I have had nothing but first class treatment. Thank you Blake Physical Therapy, you literally have been life changing.”

    Matteo B.

  • Jeff Blake is a tremendously skilled physical therapist!
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    “Jeff Blake is a tremendously skilled physical therapist! I needed two sessions of post foot surgery PT over four weeks. While I knew the importance of this in my overall recovery and mobility, I wasn't looking forward to it. The entire staff at Blake Physical Therapy made this past four weeks bearable and dear I say enjoyable?? The Front Desk staff is always pleasant and helpful...sending you off with a smile even after a tedious hour of intense therapy, when a smile is hard to muster. Many thanks to Jeff, Pamela, Lauren and the rest of the crew that worked with me. I'll be sending many referrals your way.”

    Nanci I.

  • Thank you so much for your patience and for making an already difficult situation easy.
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    “Today, I sent an Uber driver to pick up my grandmother from physical therapy as I couldn't get off work. The women that answered the phone, I believe her name is Lorena was so helpful in making sure my grandma found the Uber driver. Thank you so much for your patience and for making an already difficult situation easy.”

    Michelle J.

  • Knowledgeable and caring therapists and aides.
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    “After having gone to 2 other Places, Blake was a great find. Knowledgeable and caring therapists and aids. Justin and Therese and all the aids have helped me avoid surgery. Front office is courteous and accommodating. If you live in the area, Blake physical therapy is the best.”

    Sara T.

  • I'm SO happy to say that I'm pain-free and feeling stronger than ever.
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    “I never leave reviews but I have to direct everyone to Blake since they're the best in town! Working with Blake PT, particularly Justin (Chow) the therapist was an incredible experience for me. I had a 15-year old knee injury that had been causing me pain for years- walking stairs hurt, I couldn't run, and I was compensating in all sorts of ways that were throwing off the rest of my body. Justin took one look at me and knew exactly how to help. We worked to strengthen the right muscles, stretch and re-align others, and now I'm SO happy to say that I'm pain free and feeling stronger than ever. He's a miracle worker. And the office staff at Blake are amazing too- my insurance gave them such a hard time about authorizing sessions but they took care of everything so quickly (a lot of places make YOU argue with your insurance) I was so grateful for their diligence. Everyone is friendly, helpful, and incredibly knowledgable, I just can't recommend Blake PT enough!”

    Julia B.

  • Everyone and I mean EVERYONE was friendly and knowledgeable, the place has a great vibe.
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    “You know Cheers? Where everybody knows your name? This is one of the reasons I actually looked forward to PT, as crazy as that may sound... 13 appointments, consistently great. Even when I had to bring my 5-year-old along a couple of times. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE was friendly and knowledgable, the place has a great vibe. I had nothing but exceptional experiences with the front desk staff (Lorena is awesome -- who did all you naysayers talk to??) and Nick, my therapist who knows one heck of a lot about biomechanics, as well as all of the folks who assisted me with exercises - Mary, JJ... even the other therapists I didn't work with, like Christine. Friendly, fun, smiling, and extremely competent and so good with patients -- the elderly too. Ultrasound, icing, stretching, exercises, massage -- everything I needed to get the achilles back in shape. I saw other folks using stim, the aqua treadmill, the works. I'd recommend in a heartbeat. And if you read the rest of my reviews, you'll know I'm not afraid to speak my mind! I hope I never get injured again (knock on wood) but if I do... hello Blake!”

    Erin K.

  • The entire staff is friendly and helpful.
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    “I injured my back and was in pain for a few weeks and my doctor thought I'd benefit from physical therapy. She was right. My therapist, Fei, was very professional and thorough. She identified the problem immediately. She massaged and kneaded the exact spots that caused the trouble. The exercises she gave me helped me get over the pain in record time. The entire staff is friendly and helpful. The women at the reception desk greeted me and announced my arrival. The therapists and assistants are all knowledgeable and, while friendly, don't waste a lot of time. I highly recommend Blake Physical Therapy. If I find myself needing physical therapy again, it's the first place I'll go.”

    Carol K.

  • Blake PT is a winner.
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    “My back started hurting in the spring of 2015. I went to three different physical therapists for about three months each. I didn't get any better and finally broke down and had back surgery in February of 2016. My insurance had changed and I couldn't go back to the PT I was using before the surgery so again I had to switch which was traumatic having just had surgery. I found Blake PT through my insurance website and went there mainly because it was conveniently located to my office and my home. It turned out to be a stroke of good fortune. Jeff is incredibly knowledgeable and has gift for conveying that knowledge to those of us who didn't go to med school. The facility is nice and clean. The supporting staff is efficient. And parking has never been a problem in the 20 times I've been there (they validate). Take it from someone who has been to his share of physical therapists in LA - Blake PT is a winner.”

    LA B.

  • I love Blake physical therapy they really care about their patients.
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    “I love Blake physical therapy they really care about their patients love the massages I get they try best to get you back where you were.”

    Judy P.

  • Blake Therapy is really wonderful.
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    “Blake Therapy is really wonderful. The The staff is helping me get stronger and teaching me the proper exercises to strengthen my core and my back. Everyone on the staff is warm and friendly, and very conscientious about making sure I do the exercises in exactly the right way to help solve my back problem. I greatly appreciate Blake Physical Therapy.”

    Suzanne M.

  • Jeff Blake is the one and ONLY healthcare provider that got a handle on my problem
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    “After 3 orthopedic surgeons, 2 other physical therapists, 2 chiropractors, Jeff Blake is the one and ONLY healthcare provider that got a handle on my problem”

    Ed S.

  • I am loving the treatment as well as the customer service.
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    “I was referred to Blake Physical Therapy by my doctor after being a little furstrated with another facility I had gone to on my own. I have a hearniated disc in my lower back that keeps me from being active and feeling good to do my regular work/house activities. I have been working with Jeff for a couple weeks now and I am loving the treatment as well as the customer service. The front desk girls are super nice and organized. They are always one step ahead of the game. During my first treatment Jeff spent a good amount of time explaning to me what happens inside the herniated disc so I can learn how to prevent myself from keeping getting hurt. After all, I dont want to keep coming back to physical therapy all my life. I have been going for a few weeks and my pain has reduced and I have been getting stronger. The facility is extremely clean and organized. At this location they validate parking for 2 hours which is great. I always seem to find parking right in front of their facility which helps when you are hurt. Jeff is always on time and he is straight to the point. I dont have to wait hours and hours and share him with 3 other clients like in other places. I feel like he really listens to me. I dont have to keep repeating myself and explaining my pain. I highly reccomend this place if you are serious about doing what they tell you and if have a busy life like myself.”

    Marina C.

  • If you require physical therapy, make an appointment to be seen immediately.
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    “If you require physical therapy, make an appointment to see Jeff Blake immediately. He is talented, direct and honest- an outstanding practitioner and a very special person as well. I was not looking forward to my first appointment because I imagined long and unproductive sessions. BUT my experience was quite the opposite. After one session, Jeff dismissed me with a plan of exercises designed just for me. He actually sketched the exercises himself. No nonsense with downloaded printouts. I was overwhelmed by his level of integrity which I prize above all else in human relations. Thank you Jeff Blake; I am following your plan as best I can.”

    Deanna Q.

  • Went to Blake Physical Therapy and feeling much better after just 2 weeks!
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    “I had a foot injury from beach volleyball. The podiatrist that I tried (Dr. Braxton Little) was terrible and did not heal me in 5 months. I went to Blake Physical Therapy and was feeling much better after just 2 weeks! I highly recommend this place. Jeff and the team are fabulous. Jeff knows more about healing than many doctors.”

    WendyJo V.

  • The staff at Blake Physical Therapy is superb.
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    “The staff at Blake Physical Therapy is superb. I truly appreciate their expertise and genuine concern for your well-being.”

    Grace D.

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