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Marina del Rey Physical Therapy Treatments

Committed to Total Patient Care in Marina del Rey

At Blake Physical Therapy, there is nothing more important to us than helping our patients live the most active, pain-free life possible. We work with patients on an individual level and help to identify the causes at the root of their discomfort, treating the issues at the source rather than addressing only the surface symptoms. Our Marina del Rey physical therapy center provides a variety of different treatments, and these will act as the foundation for your fully customized treatment plan.

The treatment options we offer include:

When a patient begins their time with us, we spend an hour with them just talking and discussing their situation so we can get to know them and learn as much as possible about their unique needs. We then determine what combination of treatments will best suit your needs and address the challenges you have been facing.

Treating the Whole Body

Unlike other offices which may be geared more toward alleviating pain in the short term, without addressing long-term concerns or the root of the problems, our team prides itself on treating you as a person, not a list of complaints. This means that in addition to working with you in-office and providing a variety of therapeutic services, we also provide you with new skills to bring into your everyday life. How you sit in your chair at work, lift heavy boxes, or even just walk around on a day-to-day basis can have a profound impact on your overall wellbeing. With our instruction, we can help you to improve your flexibility and balance and decrease the pain you may be experiencing.

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Making changes in your life can be challenging at times – but this decision is a simple one. By making the call to our Marina del Rey physical therapy team, you are taking the first step to helping alleviate the discomfort you have been experiencing.

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4 Benefits of Choosing Blake Physical Therapy

  • Continuous Updates

    All patients receive monthly progress notes from their appointed doctors.

  • We'll Keep You Informed

    We offer thorough patient education regarding their diagnosis and treatment plans.

  • In-Home Therapy

    Personalized home exercise programs are an extension of our service offerings.

  • Fit for the Job

    Our qualified and experienced staff is capable of treating all your physical therapy needs.