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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation in Marina Del Ray

Utilize Pelvic Physical Therapy to Improve Your Life

We are changing the conversation and perception about pelvic and abdominal health issues worldwide!

We provide the latest evidence-based physical therapy services to everyone from childbearing women to peri-menopausal mothers, young athletes to incontinence and/or other pelvic health complications. Pelvic floor physical therapy involves biofeedback and exercises to encourage relaxation and strengthening of the muscles of the lower pelvis. Clinicians and insurance companies are now treating/paying women for what's called the "4th Trimester", creating a preventative measure to allow proper healing and benefits to eliminate chronic pains.

Pelvic floor physical therapy involves the pelvic floor muscle group, which is responsible for a variety of functions and can lead to many dysfunctions. Let us help you become healthy pre/post pregnancy and/or creating lasting knowledge to take you throughout many changes of life. The time is now!

Common Diagnoses and Disorders include:

  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Pelvic Dysfunctions
  • Prolapse
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Pre/Postpartum
  • Dyspareunia (difficult or painful sexual intercourse)

Treatments include:

  • Pelvic Floor strengthening and/or relaxation training
  • Biofeedback
  • Bladder Training
  • Functional Activities/Therapeutic Exercises
  • Manual Therapy (Internal and External interventions)
  • Pain Management
  • Modalities

What to expect from a Pelvic Floor Evaluation?

Your therapist will perform a Musculoskeletal Evaluation, along with a Pelvic Floor Examination to assess symptoms and create a treatment plan. This may include external and/or internal examinations to evaluate the pelvis properly. Treatments can vary from the dysfunction list above. We ensure a safe and comfortable one on one care treatment.

When should I see a Therapist for Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation?

Patients who experience chronic pains, leakage, increased urine output frequency, difficulty performing daily tasks, pain and/or difficulty with intercourse, weakness, pain with activities and changes with post pregnancy and/or menopause.

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4 Benefits of Choosing Blake Physical Therapy

  • Continuous Updates

    All patients receive monthly progress notes from their appointed doctors.

  • We'll Keep You Informed

    We offer thorough patient education regarding their diagnosis and treatment plans.

  • In-Home Therapy

    Personalized home exercise programs are an extension of our service offerings.

  • Fit for the Job

    Our qualified and experienced staff is capable of treating all your physical therapy needs.