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Workers' Compensation Therapy in Marina del Rey & Santa Monica

Treating Workers' Compensation Injuries

When you are injured, sometimes physical and occupational therapy are not quite enough to get you ready to go back to work. Blake Physical Therapy provides a real work setting and is structured in order to help you successfully return to work. Here are a few of the services we offer in order to make it happen:

A. Work Conditioning: Work conditioning physical therapy is all about improving your flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and job-related function.

Work conditioning programs are:

  • Single discipline
  • 2-4 hours per day
  • Focus on strengthening, and endurance
  • May include work-related activities

B. Work Hardening: Work hardening physical therapy is interdisciplinary and address the physical, functional, and vocational needs of the injured worker.

Work hardening programs are:

  • Multidisciplinary
  • 4-8 hours per day
  • Focus on work simulation
  • Job description using Dictionary of Occupational Titles

Work conditioning programs are a great way to prevent re-injury for people who return to their occupation after an accident or surgery. They are also beneficial for patients working in occupations that are moderately or heavily physically demanding. Patients perform bending, kneeling, crawling, climbing, pulling and pushing motions, and practice these tasks in a controlled work conditioning environment. This allows you to return to work confident in your ability to perform your duties without fear of re-injury.

If you are interested in receiving physical or occupational therapy and getting back to work, Blake Physical Therapy is here to help. Call (310) 822-0041 or contact us to schedule your first appointment.

4 Benefits of Choosing Blake Physical Therapy

  • Continuous Updates

    All patients receive monthly progress notes from their appointed doctors.

  • We'll Keep You Informed

    We offer thorough patient education regarding their diagnosis and treatment plans.

  • In-Home Therapy

    Personalized home exercise programs are an extension of our service offerings.

  • Fit for the Job

    Our qualified and experienced staff is capable of treating all your physical therapy needs.