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Workers' Comp in Marina del Rey & Santa Monica

When patients are injured, sometimes physical and occupational therapy is not quite enough to get the patient prepared to go back to work. OUR PROGRAM PROVIDES A REAL WORK SETTING ENVIRONMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE REQUIRED FOR A SUCCESSFUL RETURN TO WORK FOLLOWING AN INJURY.

A. Work Conditioning: Work Conditioning physical therapy programs address the physical issues of flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and work-related function for a successful return to work.

Work conditioning programs are:

  • Single discipline
  • 2-4 hours per day
  • Focus on strengthening, and endurance
  • May include work-related activities

B. Work Hardening: Work Hardening physical therapy programs are interdisciplinary and address the physical, functional, and vocational needs of the injured worker, for a successful return to work.

Work hardening programs are:

  • Multidisciplinary
  • 4-8 hours per day
  • Focus on work simulation
  • Job description using Dictionary of Occupational Titles

Work conditioning programs are valuable for patients that may have a fear of re-injury if they return to their occupation too soon following surgery or accident. They are also beneficial for patients working in moderate to heavy physical- demand level occupations. Patients that perform bending, kneeling, crawling, climbing, pulling and pushing, and carrying of materials to practice these tasks in a controlled work conditioning environment, so they can gain confidence that they can safely return to their previous level of employment.

C. FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation):

Our goal to bring a higher level of objectivity to minimize contentious litigation on compensatory claims. With the help of Bardavon, we are committed to evolving the industry from the way it is to the way it should be.


An FCE is a series of tests administered to a workers' comp claimant by a physical therapist/healthcare professional to evaluate the claimant in a variety of circumstances. They can be beneficial in determining an injured worker's capabilities and restrictions in an objective manner. Physicians often change diagnoses based on FCE results.


How do you know when a patient is providing their best effort during testing to determine if they are physically capable of safely returning to work? Simple – through XRTS Sincerity of Effort Validity Testing.

We can offer a more robust FCE result is abilities to assess validity. Such like other FCE performances, we can assess the injured working attempting to return to work along with assessing their efforts.

The Hand Strength Assessment:

  • The XRTS Hand Strength Assessment uses the devices professionals have always used to determine hand strength. The protocol is a varied series of 66 trials of simultaneous bilateral and unilateral grip and pinch strength measurements. The directions given to the client before the evaluation are essentially the same. The only technical difference happens during the administration of the simultaneous bilateral trials. The results are applied to 7 statistically developed criterion to assure the accuracy of the results.
  • Research published in the Journal of Hand Therapy has proven the XRTS Hand Strength Assessment to be: 100% Specificity/99% Sensitivity/99.5% Accuracy.

The Material Handling Assessment:

  • The XRTS Material Handling assessment uses a repeated measures protocol during the lifting assessment to maximize the objectivity of conclusions regarding the validity of effort and maximum lifting capacities. The mechanics of using the XRTS Lever Arm are equal to the process of lifting a box or crate of weights. Therefore, the directions given the patient before the Lever Arm testing are the same as those given during box and crate lifts. The differences between the XRTS methodology and standard testing practices occur in the selection of the workloads for the Lever Arm and the mechanical process of selecting and changing workloads on the testing device.

Most importantly, accurate assessment of physical ability to return to work translates to lower workers’ compensation payouts.

4 Benefits of Choosing Blake Physical Therapy

  • Continuous Updates

    All patients receive monthly progress notes from their appointed doctors.

  • We'll Keep You Informed

    We offer thorough patient education regarding their diagnosis and treatment plans.

  • In-Home Therapy

    Personalized home exercise programs are an extension of our service offerings.

  • Fit for the Job

    Our qualified and experienced staff is capable of treating all your physical therapy needs.